COVID-19 Update

V. E. Vets will remain OPEN during the LEVEL 4 lock-down but things will be significantly restricted.
We will continue to update all of you with how we will look after your farm and in-clinic needs.

Maintaining Essential Vet Services

The Government has confirmed that "veterinary and animal health/welfare services" are Essential Services. We will be open but elective and non-essential vet procedures will be delayed. It also means some significant changes to how we assess the need for on farm visits and how we are required to adhere to distancing and use of protective equipment as outlined by Government. We will use technology and non-person to person means of communication to help us minimize risk. None of us know how long this situation could continue but we will do our best to ensure that necessary vet care continues with the least disruption possible.

To help us remain operational we ask the following of our farm clients:

  • Clients who are undergoing self-isolation or have active respiratory symptoms DO NOT come to the clinic. Call us and we will discuss with you your options for any farm related matter.

  • We will triage all animal health (sick animal) calls and deal with as many as practical remotely (please see VTM below). We will still have our vets on the road where needed.

  • We are still formulating our protocols for on farm visits. Because of the distancing and personal protective equipment regulations this will require cooperation!

  • For Restricted Vet Medicines (RVM's), including dry-cow and teat seal medications plus any non-restricted remedies we want to reassure you that we have adequate supply and do not foresee a shortage. BUT you can no longer just arrive at the clinic. ALL requests must be phoned or emailed to us. We will confirm your prescriptions or orders and instruct you how to pick them up.

  • VTM stands for Veterinary Telemedicine. We can use email, the telephone, facetime and skype/zoom platforms to consult on pet health matters. We are currently moving to ensure all options are available to us.

For our companion animal clients:

  • We will also be asking you to assist with how you pay us. We are trying to create a safe eftpos procedure, but we will also need you to process payments to us on-line or phone with credit card details in advance if you require food, OTC products or prescriptions.

  • We are adapting our admit protocols to minimize paperwork and time spent.
    This means that we will provide you electronic copies of our consent forms in advance and verbal (over the phone) consent will be accepted. We will also do all our discharge consults by phone possible so that all you have to do is come to collect your pet.

  • Please call ahead if you need prescriptions, food, or flea products so we can have them ready for you.
    If you are advised to come to the clinic, we ask that you limit the number of people coming to the clinic with your pet to ONE person. We will require you to stay in your car and call us from the car park when you arrive.

Additionally, our team are taking all practical steps at the clinic and on the road to ensure client safety and we ask that all clients follow the directions of staff. For further information and regular updates please refer to our Facebook page.

We will all get through this and we very much appreciate your support during this difficult time.

The V. E. Vets Team